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Real or Fake? See If You Can Tell If These Yards Have Real Grass or Artificial Turf

Sep 09, 2015

Do you have an eye for artificial grass? Now’s your chance to prove it. Recently, the differences between real or fake grass have become fewer and fewer. As artificial grass technology improves, their appearance has begun to greatly resemble the real thing. But how real do they look really?

See if you can spot the real thing in these real or not real photos!

Try Your Hand at Identifying These Real or Fake Grass Photos

  1. Here’s your first test: Are these tasteful grass accents amid this arid backyard real or fake?


The answer is… fake! Even in dry climates like the one pictured above, this home’s grass will stay looking green. They provide a nice splash of color that complements the muted tones of the surrounding rocks and pathways—and they’ll do so all year round!

  1. Take a good, long look at this lawn. Compare it to the surrounding greenery before asking yourself if it’s real or fake…


If you guessed fake, you’re right! This is a completely artificial turf lawn. The dark green grass was well-chosen to offset the other surrounding plants and trees, providing this home with a healthy verdant appearance.

  1. This dockside patch of grass: is it real or not?


It’s real! Well, it’s a real artificial lawn. Artificial grass is great when installed near pools or docks where splashing may occur. Fake grass doesn’t soak water up and cause mud puddles like real grass does.

  1. Here we get up close and personal. You can see each individual blade of grass jut up from the earth. Surely you’ll be able to tell whether this lawn is real or fake…


Did you guess that this lawn was fake? Pretty hard to tell with how naturally those tree roots wind through the grass. Artificial grass comes in some incredibly authentic-looking styles, with a wide range of blade lengths and colors that make lawns indistinguishable from the real thing.

Now onto the last one…

  1. Nice day out, isn’t it? Looks like a mild morning in the backyard—perfect for gardening before it gets too hot. The plants are looking healthy, but what about the grass? Is it real or fake?


Surprise! This one’s fake too! It would take a lot of water to keep a real lawn looking this vibrant and green. But with fake turf grass, it can look this good all year round! And best of all, you can focus your water usage toward other parts of your home.

We hope you enjoyed our artificial grass real or not real pictures! We hope your skill at telling the difference between the two has improved or has shown you how to install artificial grass in a tasteful, natural way.


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