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Info Center | Artificial Grass Cost and More

Welcome to our Info Center, where you will find valuable information about the latest artificial grass products on the market, estimates on artificial grass cost, and more. Do you want to know more about fake grass? Do you need to know how to install artificial grass? How do you maintain synthetic turf? What will your artificial grass cost for your home? The Artificial Turf Supply Info Center provides everything you need to know about the products we’ve created, ranging from how to order fake grass and official product specs to breakdowns on artificial grass cost of shipping.

Use the links below to access the information you need.

Easy Install Guide

Download our step-by-step installation guide that includes professional instructions on artificial grass planning and design, ground preparation, installation, and infill.

Turf Care

Your synthetic grass lawn will look beautiful for years to come if you follow these simple tips on how to care for artificial grass.

Order Information

Are you ready to buy fake grass? Here you will find information on how to order artificial turf online or by phone and find an estimate on your home’s artificial turf cost.

Shipping Information

Get a breakdown of how we ship synthetic turf products straight to your home or business.  See estimates and discounts on the synthetic grass cost of your shipping.

Store/Return Policies

Need to return your artificial lawn? Find out the most recent information on our return policies.

Product Specs

Read or download official product information on our latest residential and commercial synthetic lawns. Specs include info about the turf, fibers, backing, roll, and infill, as well as projected fake grass cost.


Artificial Grass Wholesaler is proud to offer a manufacturer’s eight year warranty on all of our residential and commercial synthetic lawn solutions. Get details about this incredible warranty.

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