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Real or Fake? See If You Can Tell If These Yards Have Real Grass or Artificial Turf

Sep 09, 2015

Do you have an eye for artificial grass? Now’s your chance to prove it. Recently, the differences between real or fake grass have become fewer and fewer. As artificial grass technology improves, their appearance has begun to greatly resemble the real thing. But how real do they look really?

See if you can spot the real thing in these real or not real photos!

Try Your Hand at Identifying These Real or Fake Grass Photos

  1. Here’s your first test: Are these tasteful grass accents amid this arid backyard real or fake?


The answer is… fake! Even in dry climates like the one pictured above, this home’s grass will stay looking green. They provide a nice splash of color that complements the muted tones of the surrounding rocks and pathways—and they’ll do so all year round!

  1. Take a good, long look at this lawn. Compare it to the surrounding greenery before asking yourself if it’s real or fake…


If you guessed fake, you’re right! This is a completely artificial turf lawn. The dark green grass was well-chosen to offset the other surrounding plants and trees, providing this home with a healthy verdant appearance.

  1. This dockside patch of grass: is it real or not?


It’s real! Well, it’s a real artificial lawn. Artificial grass is great when installed near pools or docks where splashing may occur. Fake grass doesn’t soak water up and cause mud puddles like real grass does.

  1. Here we get up close and personal. You can see each individual blade of grass jut up from the earth. Surely you’ll be able to tell whether this lawn is real or fake…


Did you guess that this lawn was fake? Pretty hard to tell with how naturally those tree roots wind through the grass. Artificial grass comes in some incredibly authentic-looking styles, with a wide range of blade lengths and colors that make lawns indistinguishable from the real thing.

Now onto the last one…

  1. Nice day out, isn’t it? Looks like a mild morning in the backyard—perfect for gardening before it gets too hot. The plants are looking healthy, but what about the grass? Is it real or fake?


Surprise! This one’s fake too! It would take a lot of water to keep a real lawn looking this vibrant and green. But with fake turf grass, it can look this good all year round! And best of all, you can focus your water usage toward other parts of your home.

We hope you enjoyed our artificial grass real or not real pictures! We hope your skill at telling the difference between the two has improved or has shown you how to install artificial grass in a tasteful, natural way.


Artificial Turf Helps Golf Courses “Go Green”

Sep 02, 2015

Golf courses remain a popular pastime for players all across the United States. But with the seemingly nationwide shift to environmentally friendly efforts, golf courses have been feeling pressure to change with the times.

Artificial turf is leading the charge in the “go green” revolution for golf courses. Read on to learn the many advantages of replacing golf course turf grass with eco friendly turf grass!

Why Should Golf Courses “Go Green?”

An ongoing study by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America reveals the exorbitant amount of money spent to keeping golf courses looking green. This is good news for golfers, not so much for water conservation efforts.

In the GCSAA study, golf facilities in the Southwest reported spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for watering an average 18-hole course. Considering drought-stricken California, as well as other dry states such as Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico, saving water is a major concern for golf courses and other properties alike.

Water Conservation Efforts of Golf Courses

Regarding golf courses, what does it mean to go green? The “go green initiative” focuses on saving the environment and money by reducing energy and resources. For golf courses, going green means making more efficient use of their water while maintaining their attractive appearance.

This is where artificial grass turf helps to make a major positive impact. Country club Pueblo Del Sol in Sierra Vista, Arizona saves water through a combination of efforts that other golf courses can—and most likely should—follow. (Source: Sierra Vista Herald)

Other water conservation efforts include a rainwater harvester, which collects rainwater and distributes it among plants and grass. Pueblo Del Sol found that their collected rainwater went much further when they replaced even a small part of their grass with artificial turf.

Just imagine how much money golf facilities like Pueblo Del Sol could save by replacing larger chunks of grass with artificial turf!

The Future of Golf Course Greenery

There’s never been a better time for golf courses to go green. Artificial turf prices offer affordable, long-term answers to the expensive irrigation efforts of the past. And when used with other conservation efforts, an artificial turf installation offers golf courses a practical way to maintain their facilities and do their part for the environment.

Artificial turf residential efforts have been a major part of today’s eco-friendly efforts. Many government-funded programs have provided rebates to homeowners, helping them make the switch to synthetic grass. Maybe we’ll see similar programs for golf courses as water conservation efforts increase. Until then, keep your eye on what facilities are installing artificial grass to save money and water. It might be time for you to do the same!


The Best Ways to Use Artificial Grass

Aug 10, 2015

Thinking of installing artificial grass but aren’t quite sure what to do with it? That’s okay—as it turns out, the fine qualities of artificial grass allow you to use it in a variety of applications. It replicates the appearance of real grass, requires no watering, and is largely maintenance-free.

We at Artificial Grass Wholesaler have compiled a list of the top ways to use artificial grass. Find one that’s right for you and your home from the options listed below!

Enjoy Family-Friendly Artificial Grass

Many who choose to install artificial turf do so to make more time for their families. If you are a homeowner with a family to take care of, fake grass has a variety of advantages. Artificial grass technology has reached a high level of quality that provides comfort and an authentic appearance down to the very last fiber. This makes it a great choice for both children and pets.

Fake grass also works great poolside. Water does not absorb in fake grass, and instead drains to keep its dryness. Its vibrant green color also offers a nice contrast to the sparkling blue of the pool that looks absolutely stunning in the summertime!

Get a Lawn That’s Dressed to Impress

Who doesn’t like a good-looking lawn? That’s precisely what you get when you choose to install artificial turf grass at your home or residential property. Its synthetic nature gives it UV-ray protection, offering you a long-lasting lawn that does not decay over time.

A lawn that looks good year round is a no-brainer in a commercial application. Installing synthetic grass on your business property offers a clean look your clients will surely love.

Play Harder on an Artificial Turf Field

Need to keep your game up, no matter the weather? Artificial field turf offers you a year-round sports field that replicates the feel of real grass beneath your cleats. Gone are the days where you’ll have to wait weeks after a rain for giant mud puddles to dry up. Your fake grass offers you a dedicated soccer, football, or baseball practice field to play in.

Synthetic grass is also a great choice for putting greens. The ProPUTT Nylon series of synthetic grass is highly durable and able to withstand several rounds of golf.

Customize Your Own Design

Have your own idea for fake grass? You can easily bring any idea you have for a customized synthetic grass lawn to life. Install one to fit a pathway lined with stepping stones without worry of overgrowth or use it to really make a garden’s color pop. The possibilities are practically endless!

Ready to give synthetic grass a shot? Contact Artificial Grass Wholesaler or call 1-855-525-TURF (8873) and let’s build you the best project for your home!


The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Business Properties

Aug 04, 2015

Artificial grass can be a major boon to your business. Whether you invite clients over or just want to improve your image on Google Maps, fake grass offers you an easy solution. And it’s affordable, too!

We at Artificial Grass Wholesaler have outlined a few reasons why you would want to install fake grass at your business location.

Why the Look of Artificial Grass Matters for Businesses

First impressions are everything. When you invite clients to your office or facility, what image will they leave with? If your office lawn has dead grass, it won’t be a good +one.

The seasons take their toll on your landscaping. Summer heat dries out authentic turf grass lawns, while fall and winter rain leave muddy puddles behind. Weeds pop up during spring, making your office look unkempt unless you regularly pick them.

But if you install fake grass, your business property can look fresh and appealing all year long. You can choose from some truly realistic-looking options that look every bit like the real thing.

Synthetic Grass Offers an Impressive Appearance

Believe it or not, you can use synthetic grass to impress your clients. A synthetic lawn maintains a well-kept look, adding to your business’s year-round appeal. Bonus points if you use it in creative ways, such as in a pathway winding through the middle of an atrium. With a synthetic lawn, you won’t have to worry about your clients being turned off by your facility’s landscaping.

Adding artificial turf can also add color to an otherwise imposing-looking building. So even if you’re stuck in a less-than-optimal location, you can rely on synthetic grass to boost your building’s appeal. Fake grass offers you flexibility, allowing you to have an attractive lawn wherever your business is located.

How Artificial Grass Can Save Your Business Money

For more practical business owners, you’ll be happy to hear that fake grass cuts back on costs. Other than the initial low artificial turf installation cost, synthetic grass can provide plenty of savings. And what’s more, these savings will last for years after you put your grass in.

Installing synthetic grass can reduce your facility’s water bill and your monthly landscape maintenance. No more maintaining your sprinkler systems or keeping your office lawn watered! Fake grass helps you cut costs and effort.

Once you’ve installed your synthetic grass, it will pay for itself many times over. See how much you could save with a quote from Artificial Grass Wholesaler today.


A Brief History of Artificial Turf

Jul 20, 2015

It’s good to know your roots. The story of artificial turf is an interesting one, especially considering its impact on homes and business over the last 50 or so years.

So how did artificial turf get to be where it is today? How is it that what was once seen as a novelty is now considered by many as a major environmental benefit?

No need to endure a lengthy lecture to find out the answer. We at Artificial Grass Wholesaler have compiled a brief history of artificial turf for you to decide if artificial turf is right for you.

Artificial Turf: Taking the Sports World by Storm

Artificial turf first appeared in 1966, following the construction of the Houston Astrodome, the world’s first multi-purpose, domed sports stadium. While the dome’s painted roof allowed games to be played regardless of the weather, it also cut off precious sunlight to the grass. Officials solved this issue by installing synthetic grass.

This first generation of synthetic grass, commonly known as AstroTurf, allowed the Astrodome field to remain a vibrant green. Soon, it began to spread onto a number of other baseball, American football, and field hockey fields across the United States and Europe.

Improving on an Improvement

While synthetic grass offered many advantages over authentic grass for certain sports, the technology was primitive. The second generation of fake grass saw the introduction of better firmness and stability, as well as better quality fibers, which mimicked the feel of the real thing.

Now, synthetic grass not only looked the part of authentic grass but felt like it, too!

The Grass of the Future

Synthetic turf has come a long way since the 1960s. Scientific and technological advances in materials and design have led to the best synthetic turf yet: the third generation. Featuring better resilience, enhanced feel, and a more realistic look than ever before, it’s no wonder why many home and business owners have chosen to cover their lawns with it.

Modern synthetic grass has significant environmental advantages. In today’s eco-friendly world, having a lawn that doesn’t require regular watering is a huge advantage. Synthetic turf has since become a rising phenomenon, popping up on residential and commercial properties to save money and make an environmentally friendly statement.

Is Modern Artificial Turf for You?

Now that you know where artificial turf comes from, you should have a good idea if it’s right for your home or business. With our brief history, not only will you have found new appreciation for artificial turf but you will have hopefully come to a decision about what kind of grass you need.

Consider artificial turf for your home or business! Call us at 1-855-525-TURF for details!


Caring for Your Artificial Lawn

Jul 06, 2015

So you’ve just filled your yard with an artificial lawn from Artificial Grass Wholesaler. Excellent! Now you need to make sure it looks healthy all year round.

Keeping your artificial lawn in top condition is easy when you follow some simple, routine maintenance. With a little creativity and know-how, your artificial lawn will look great no matter the month.

Perform Regular Maintenance for a Great-Looking Artificial Lawn

Artificial grass gives you a practically maintenance-free yard to enjoy. Without the need to cut, trim, or hedge, you get to spend your days off relaxing instead of out in the yard. But you can ensure your artificial lawn is always “dressed to impress” with just a few regular maintenance tips:

  • Use a leaf blower or rake on leaves and dust
  • Clean spills with water
  • Use water and a mild detergent for pet accidents

These tips don’t take entire afternoons to complete, and best of all, your lawn will love it!

Get the Best Protection from the Elements

Despite your best efforts, Mother Nature might have other plans for your artificial lawn. But depending on the weather you’re facing, a little extra cleaning can lead to a long-lasting lawn.

Spring – Cool breezes can send seeds soaring across your neighborhood, littering your artificial lawn with annoying weeds. Weeding is healthy for any lawn, artificial or not, and will enhance your lawn’s uniform appearance.

Summer – Luckily, your synthetic lawn already has a number of features that protect it from the elements. Our own fake grass products feature UV resistant materials that protect your lawn during harsh summer seasons.

Fall – Leaves add a natural look to your synthetic lawn, but they can actually pose quite a problem. Don’t let leaves stay too long; once they break down, they can rot and mold. Clear them out quick or use water-diluted bleach for a safe clean.

Winter – Lots of rain used to mean soggy lawns. Not anymore—our turf offers you superior drainage, so standing water is a thing of the past.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Lawn!

With all this talk of synthetic turf maintenance, it’s easy to lose sight of this fact: Synthetic turf is largely maintenance-free. The tips offered above have you acting in response to the elements. In reality, you’ll never have to upkeep your synthetic lawn the way you had to before.

The synthetic lawn products from Artificial Grass Wholesaler are chosen for their realistic look, natural feel, and durable features. Once you have replaced your lawn with an artificial lawn, your lawn care will never be the same!


What You Need to Know About Artificial Grass Ordinances

Jun 21, 2015

Installing artificial grass isn’t easy for some home and business owners. While we at Artificial Grass Wholesaler believe everyone should be able to experience the benefits of artificial turf, the reality of it is that not everyone can.

Some homeowner associations (HOAs) have ordinances that, believe it or not, restrict the use of artificial grass for your lawn. “Why?” you might ask. “What do they have against artificial grass?”

We’ve done some research to find out why some California HOAs may be holding you back from getting the vibrant green lawn you want for your home.

The Recent History Regarding Artificial Grass Laws

In 2011, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have required HOAs to let residents replace their lawns with artificial turf. He decided the decision should be “best left to individual homeowners associations, not mandated by state law.” (Source: The Sacramento Bee)

Currently, Democratic Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez has proposed a bill that will prohibit HOAs from fining residents who install artificial grass. If Governor Brown passes the bill this time, it could mean good news for those trying to cut back on their water usage.

So yes, artificial turf has found acceptance among many HOAs in California. However, there are still many who do not support it.

The Reasoning for the Restrictions

So why are HOAs restricting the installation of artificial grass? Looking at various cases, we learned some reasons why naysayers are opposed to it:

Artificial grass could cause environmental issues. This may have been the case back in the 1960s, when artificial turf first showed up. But since then, high quality lawns do not contain toxic padding materials.

It lowers the property value of surrounding homes. Many HOAs, such as the one that oversees the gated community of Rancho Pacifica in Del Mar, enforce strict landscaping laws in order to preserve property values. Changing a single home’s lawn to artificial turf can break up the uniformity that many HOAs find so valuable for selling property. (Source: LA Times)

Is It Right to Enforce Artificial Turf Ordinances in a Drought?

Considering California’s current drought, we may see changes to many HOAs’ ordinances in the coming months. The associations may have to show leniency to let home and business owners save on their water consumption.

Whatever ends up happening, you should make sure your home is cleared to install synthetic grass. You may have to pass an inspection first, but that’s much better than installing it and then having to take it out or pay fines.

The good news is that it’s generally agreed that artificial turf can look every bit as authentic as real grass. It all comes down to choosing one that your HOA approves of.

When the time comes to replace your lawn, give us a call. We have many styles of artificial grass that could be just what you—and your homeowners association—is looking for.


Artificial Grass Landscaping in Los Angeles

Jun 06, 2015

Installing artificial grass in Los Angeles, CA should be an easy move. However, despite the water and money you can save, incorporating artificial grass landscaping can be a distressing change for some LA residents.

No need to fret. We at Artificial Grass Wholesaler are here to point out that artificial grass landscaping has many qualities that can give it the edge over your traditional grass lawn. We’ve outlined several of the biggest advantages that artificial grass landscaping offers you and your Los Angeles home.

Make Less of a Carbon Footprint with Artificial Grass Landscaping

According to this article from Sunset, the cost of maintaining a lawn in Los Angeles is incredibly high. Millions of gallons of water are used every day to keep lawns green, while hundreds of thousands of leaf blowers and gas-powered lawnmowers pollute the air with exhaust and noise.

Los Angeles has experienced rising temperatures in recent years. On top of that, the city only gets about 15 inches of rain a year. As a result, you and other LA residents have had to put more time, effort, and water into your lawns to keep them green.

Artificial grass landscaping changes all of that.

Choosing to install an artificial turf lawn can reduce your carbon footprint and let you breathe more clearly knowing you’re doing your part to help the environment. Without the pollution from having to mow your lawn or the gallons of water used each day, you can make an eco-friendly statement for others to follow. And you’ll have the low water bill to back it up!

Embrace the Changes to Your Water Usage

California has mandated water restriction laws, forcing home and business owners all over the state to change their ways—so why not embrace these changes? Now that these laws have passed, you simply don’t have a lot of options to preserve your normal style of lawn—unless you want to pay the hefty water fines to do so.

Artificial grass landscaping offers you an affordable, beautiful solution to having the lawn you know and love without compromising its appearance. In fact, the look of artificial grass will endure no matter the weather—even those sweltering LA summers!

With artificial grass, it takes barely any effort at all to have a vibrant, green lawn you can be proud of. All you have to do is get a free quote from Artificial Grass Wholesaler, and you can install your artificial turf grass with no added installation costs. Then you’ll be on your way to landscaping like a pro!


Why Wholesale Artificial Turf is a Winner for Athletic Fields

May 12, 2015

The choice between wholesale artificial turf and real grass is a hot topic. However, when outlining the pros and cons of each, it is important to keep in mind what the turf will be used for. For athletic coaches and the sports teams they lead, these qualities are essential to the development of their skills.

Coaches and players for golf, lacrosse, and soccer teams may find a lot to like in choosing wholesale artificial turf over real grass. While the choice is always up to the specific team’s preference, it all depends on how these qualities match up to each other.

Best Qualities of Wholesale Artificial Turf

Wholesale artificial turf has many practical applications for parks and athletic fields. We’ve outlined a few of the most noteworthy that can help coaches and players get a leg up on the competition:

Natural feel. For some athletes, the “feel” of the grass beneath their cleats can be as important as their top-of-the-line equipment. Turf that features a synthetic composition that replicates the feeling of real grass yet is more durable—perfect for hard-playing athletes—is a standout feature of artificial grass.

Better hours of operation. With coaches demanding more practice time with their teams, many find the all-hours operational quality of artificial turf to be a clear winner.

Weather resistance. Nothing dampens spirits before a game like a wet field. However, a field made from artificial turf can remain open even during rain. Without fear of mud or puddles, it’s “game on” when playing on artificial turf!

Artificial vs. Real in Boca Raton

A recent study in Boca Raton, Florida weighed the qualities of wholesale artificial turf against those of real grass. The study was conducted in the hopes that a decision would be made about what materials future athletic fields would be made of.

It was concluded that artificial turf is cheaper to use by the hour. Fields with artificial turf can remain open for longer, allowing for more play-time when considering its superior, high-traffic durability.

A number of other factors were considered, including the potential of injuries as well as footwear. Athletes must take care to avoid injury no matter the surface they are playing on; however, artificial grass does not succumb to bare spots and divots, as real grass does.

Artificial Turf Lets Athletes Play Hard

For many players, the surface they practice on can help them feel at-home and familiar with their environment. And it makes a coach’s job that much easier knowing the field beneath their players’ feet is solid and reliable. Providing both is of utmost importance to a city’s choice of turf.

We at Artificial Grass Wholesaler put a lot of thought into the artificial turf lawns we offer. We offer many options of wholesale artificial turf at a variety of price points to fit every budget and need. Whether for a high-traffic soccer field or a more laidback putting turf, coaches no longer need to make the hard decision between artificial grass and real grass.

The winner is in: It’s artificial grass!


The Advantages of Artificial Grass at Rental Properties

Dec 30, 2014

Managers of rental properties are always looking for ways to maximize their profits while also keeping their residents happy. Providing an attractive and relaxing outdoor space is a great way to attract new residents at higher rental rates while keeping existing renters in their lease. Happy residents mean fewer vacancies and more money made every month.

However, one of the problems with having a large outdoor area in a rental property is that the management company is responsible for the upkeep. In most cases, this means hiring a maintenance crew to take care of the lawn. Between mowing, watering, fertilizing and reseeding or resodding, this can mean major monthly maintenance costs that the management agency has to incur.

One way to deal with this is with an artificial turf installation. Putting in synthetic grass is the perfect way to ensure that your residents have a great outdoor space with minimum maintenance needs. Once the artificial grass is installed, you have to do almost no maintenance in order to have a great looking lawn. It will quickly pay for itself in reduced maintenance costs and water usage.

In addition, synthetic lawns hold up well to heavy use. Companies such as Artificial Turf Supply Commercial and Residential Division can help you by providing you with turf options that are designed for high traffic areas. These are lawns that will look like they were just installed years later regardless of how much foot traffic it receives. Your residents will love the outdoor space and you will love the reduced headaches.


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