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Artificial Turf Helps Golf Courses “Go Green”

Sep 02, 2015

Golf courses remain a popular pastime for players all across the United States. But with the seemingly nationwide shift to environmentally friendly efforts, golf courses have been feeling pressure to change with the times.

Artificial turf is leading the charge in the “go green” revolution for golf courses. Read on to learn the many advantages of replacing golf course turf grass with eco friendly turf grass!

Why Should Golf Courses “Go Green?”

An ongoing study by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America reveals the exorbitant amount of money spent to keeping golf courses looking green. This is good news for golfers, not so much for water conservation efforts.

In the GCSAA study, golf facilities in the Southwest reported spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for watering an average 18-hole course. Considering drought-stricken California, as well as other dry states such as Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico, saving water is a major concern for golf courses and other properties alike.

Water Conservation Efforts of Golf Courses

Regarding golf courses, what does it mean to go green? The “go green initiative” focuses on saving the environment and money by reducing energy and resources. For golf courses, going green means making more efficient use of their water while maintaining their attractive appearance.

This is where artificial grass turf helps to make a major positive impact. Country club Pueblo Del Sol in Sierra Vista, Arizona saves water through a combination of efforts that other golf courses can—and most likely should—follow. (Source: Sierra Vista Herald)

Other water conservation efforts include a rainwater harvester, which collects rainwater and distributes it among plants and grass. Pueblo Del Sol found that their collected rainwater went much further when they replaced even a small part of their grass with artificial turf.

Just imagine how much money golf facilities like Pueblo Del Sol could save by replacing larger chunks of grass with artificial turf!

The Future of Golf Course Greenery

There’s never been a better time for golf courses to go green. Artificial turf prices offer affordable, long-term answers to the expensive irrigation efforts of the past. And when used with other conservation efforts, an artificial turf installation offers golf courses a practical way to maintain their facilities and do their part for the environment.

Artificial turf residential efforts have been a major part of today’s eco-friendly efforts. Many government-funded programs have provided rebates to homeowners, helping them make the switch to synthetic grass. Maybe we’ll see similar programs for golf courses as water conservation efforts increase. Until then, keep your eye on what facilities are installing artificial grass to save money and water. It might be time for you to do the same!


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