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Installing Artificial Grass

Guide Introduction:

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Installing artificial grass is a relatively easy process. At Artificial Turf Supply and Artificial Grass Wholesaler, we believe that installing artificial grass in your home or business can significantly enhance the look of your property and in nearly every case save you money in the long run. The entire artificial grass installation process is fun, from picking the right synthetic grass solution to the final product, which will provide you with a beautiful lawn that is maintenance-free.

This comprehensive guide to installing artificial grass was created after many years of contractor and customer feedback. We believe it is the most detailed and complete artificial grass installation guide in the industry, and it’s available to all our customers free of charge. This easy-to-read guide includes four main sections: Project Planning, Ground Preparation, Artificial Grass Installation and Artificial Turf Infill.

The goal of our artificial grass installation guide is to cover every aspect of the synthetic grass installation process as well as provide you with insider installation and maintenance tips. We’ve also included many advanced installation techniques designed to help you save time and money when installing artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Wholesaler and Artificial Turf Supply Disclosure:

Individuals or contractors who want to self-install fake grass can use this manual. However, Artificial Grass Wholesaler and Artificial Turf Supply make no representations or warranties regarding the following installation information. This guide provided as a resource and is a best effort to installing artificial grass and is not intended for some other specialized synthetic lawns, not all results are guaranteed.

Time Line:

Most artificial grass installation projects less than 1500 sq. ft. should take around two to three days. Some projects might be done faster depending on the size of the project and the number of people working on the synthetic lawn project.

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